26 Shocking Yet Funny Property Photos

When you think of your dream home you may be thinking country house, a house close to the beach or maybe a penthouse in the city. Would the interior be modern and cool or something older with a bit more character? While it’s exciting to think of your dream property the reality of many property listings can be rather disappointing and somewhat outrageous.

I have put together 26 property photos that should make you laugh and show you how to promote your property if you don’t want to sell it.


If you want to watch your washing dry that’s fine by me but maybe you should use that ladder and do something with that wall


Here’s an example of how a storage room should look like. That racking looks extremely safe not to mention the light or the whatever is all over the floor!


Come on at least clear the room of clutter before taking a picture. I’m glad the beautiful curtains are closed you don’t want people looking in or maybe you don’t want people looking out.


That’s a modern TV right there. Why don’t I sit in all the dust and watch the latest Netflix series oh hold on wait can someone help me turn this bad boy on?


Just take the picture no one will notice the rubble next to the entrance or the gaping hole above it! Have a swig of gin or whiskey and forget all about it.


Check out my garden pit guys doesn’t it look nice and green? Maybe someone will want to make this into a pool?


Don’t bother making the bed, the quality on my phone isn’t that great I’m sure no-one will notice!


This is the room where I store my crap, you can do the same, better yet I’ll throw this in free if you buy my property!


How romantic! We can both sit here and do the laundry. I’ll take the dirty chair and have a shower after said no one ever!


What is this room? Why is the water pipe like that? Must be some new design!


I love sitting on my desk and hoping the desk doesn’t break. That’s where I do all my best work.


Damn it, I knew it was a random place to put a curtain but I should have closed it so no one can see the mess behind it!


Who needs a bedroom door when I can put 2 chairs out and pretend I have personal security?


This won’t be on the market for long…. but for what reason?


Just a normal modern otiose bathroom…


Glad I painted the doors purple, my feng shui is on point!


I’m always thinking of ways to be more efficient that’s why I have my washing machine in my bathroom. Undress, put clothes in washing machine, shower, done! See I’ve just saved my self 5 minutes! Does my shower curtains and washing machine cover match?


Who doesn’t like cocks on their kitchen wall? It’s very Nandos’esque right? Everyone loves a cheeky Nando’s!


Not a bad picture but damn that’s bright!


I have a magic car park. The cars stick to the roof!


My underwear can be in this picture, they’re clean. Let me leave a clutter of paperwork on my desk too that way they know a serious worker lives here!


This room has the best view in the house, great to dry clothes and store random crap.


First of all, why that colour? Secondly, that’s the smallest bath I’ve ever seen? Is this where elf’s live?


Don’t know what I’m taking a picture of but better take it anyway!


French doors, check! Just need to fix the glass.


Let’s take a picture of this, leave the step ladder and duster in there. This is going to be a cool picture!


I’m all for people taking their own property photos but please use your common sense! If ever in doubt hire in the professionals.

I hope you enjoyed the funny fails and got a giggle or two out of it. Please share and like.

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