Pay Per Click Tips

Let’s say you search ‘2 bedroom apartments in Marbella’ on Google. You will see a list of websites with a green ad box before your search results. This is Pay Per Click!

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click or PPC is an online advertising model which does exactly what its says. Every time you click on one of these links the advertiser pays.

There are different types of PPC advertising but the most popular one is the paid search ad. These adverts will appear every time you perform a google search and especially when you are looking to buy something. The advertiser will not pay anything until you click their link hence the reason why it’s called pay per click!

Other types of PPC include remarketing and display marketing.

In order for ads to appear on the search results page, advertisers can not just pay more so more people see them, they must go through ad bidding or an ad auction. This is an automated process that Google uses to determine the relevance and rational reasons why that ad should appear on your search.

The Importance of Key Words in PPC

Once you have entered your query Google will perform a complex algorithm calculation (what the ad auction is based on) to determine what ads will be shown and in what order.

You must make sure you only bid on words that are relevant to your business to ensure you come up for the right reasons and the right searches. By picking the best keywords for your business the better the return on investment you will have per ad spend. A large number of businesses will use software or what is called a keyword tool to determine what are the best words to bid on to maximise sales and conversion rates.


Tips For PPC

There are many ways to use PPC to increase sales and revenue but to do that you must know what they are. Here are 5 tips on how to use PPC to ensure you see an increase in traffic and revenue.

1. Keywords

Do your research to make sure you are spending money on the right keywords for your business. Be smart and methodical to ensure you are not spending money just to get more traffic and views but in order to convert these into sales.

2. Target Audience

Knowing the audience you are trying to target will help you determine what what types of campaigns will be best for your business

3.  Content

Ensure you are building the right content for your audience in order to convert these into sales. Make it eye catching so users are drawn to you. Don’t forget to  have your branding on point and any phrases or taglines you use to connect you and the brand. Try using different formats like pictures, writing and video then analyse to see what gives you the best results.

4. Budget

First you must do your research and see how much you have to spend and how much is required to break through the market. The real estate industry is highly competitive and has big ticket sales so be prepared to spend to get the results. Ensure you analyse your results and ROI conversions.

5. Landing Pages

Once someone has clicked on your advert use a landing page for what they have searched for. Make it relevant don’t send them to your homepage where they have to filter and search for what wanted in the first place. Some users will get lost, distracted and therefore not convert.


There is a lot to consider when using PPC but hopefully I have given you some ideas to think about.

I hope you found this article helpful.

Have a great day and #letsgogetit

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