6 Quick Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Agency in 2019

In the fast moving world we are living in, marketing your real estate agency and properties can be time consuming and challenging. From email campaigns, blogs, social media campaigns, pricing, branding and strategy can be very demanding whilst touring clients, closing deals and focusing on business growth.

Do you want your Real Estate Agency to stand out and get the attention it deserves? I’ve put together 6 quick tips that will set you agency up for good stead in 2019.

1. Marketing Platforms.

Focus on the most powerful ones. There is a plethora of organic and paid online channels that you can use to promote your real estate agency. Using all the platforms can be time consuming especially when trying to put out great content on each. It is far better to focus on the most powerful ones and do it well rather than do all of them and do it average.

Experiment with different platforms and campaigns then analyse to determine the most successful and focus on this. Now you know what works you can be more consistent in learning how to constantly improve on this.

For example if you’re looking to collaborate with other agents or lawyers (b2b) then you could mainly use Linkedin as this platform is perfect for company updates, publishing articles and networking with peers. Remember networking is like making friends. Use the approach of making friends and building your network rather than the hard sell and pitching to every new contact.

For finding new potential buyers Facebook and Instagram prove to be the best. Join and make use of the groups and certain hashtags. Don’t forget to provide value and not just bombard people with your listings. You need to stand out from your competitors.


2. Email Marketing

This is a great way to build new relationships and stay in touch with existing clients. Email marketing is more popular than you think. 83% of people prefer to receive emails about updates and promotions from a trusted brand than any other platform.

Before your audience turn into clients you must build a relationship with them. What makes you different to the real estate agency down the road? Think of running a marketing campaign for this. This could be paid ads, website popups, a free giveway/prize draw and contact forms. Provide your audience with value so they want to go give you their email and are happy to receive more regular information from you.

Now you have a list of emails in your database and potential clients to stay in contact with consider the following

  1. Welcome email for new subscribers
  2. Content for educating the client
  3. Content for new properties
  4.  Emails for special offers and price reductions
  5. Content to re-engage. Remind them why they signed up in the first place.

These email campaigns will help you with brand awareness and ultimately help improve sales. This process can be very time consuming if done manually. As a lot of this can be automated, check out software like Mailchimp. You can segment your list and run different campaigns. Depending on different events, different more personalised emails can be sent out.

3. Promote your best content


So now your producing great content on your best platforms. Now it’s time to see the power of paid advertising. Boost and promote your most engaging content starting with a small budget and wait to see what happens. Do you have more followers and likes now? Do you have more emails going into you email campaign funnel? Keep an eye on what you are spending to ensure you are getting the most favourable ROI and conversion rates.

4. Build your Brand

Create content for your different platforms, remember when making content you have to build an audience for it not the other way around. Your agency has a brand, it has a history it has regular stories. Share it and document it with your audience. Customise your content for each platform. For example Facebook live can be a great way to introduce yourself, business and show off a new property whilst and LinkedIn maybe something more motivational and educational explaining to client why they should partner or collaborate with you  would be best thing for them. It is a great way to build rapport with your audience and potential clients. Remember to make sure some of your content is educational and fun rather always trying to sell something as you will lose you audience. You need to constantly engage with them maybe talk about market trends and updates then the next one you can show off those villas you are trying to sell.

5. Videos


Visual content is huge and very powerful. Think about making a buying guide in video. Educate potential clients what needs to happen in order to purchase property in certain areas, how long the process takes answer the common client questions. Yes take drone footage of the outside of the property and garden. Yes present the villa to clients by showing them a video to build interest and get more viewings booked, how powerful would that be. Maybe a client will want to buy it just by seeing the video as they have a really busy schedule at present and don’t want to miss out! It happens.

By then end of this year 80% of online traffic will be directed to video content. So get ahead and start learning and creating if you want to get ahead.

6. Google My Business

80% of searches are completed on Google. Google offers a free tool that can help potential clients find you and your website. It helps you control the local information about your agency as well interact with clients and control your reputation.

Google My Business allows you to enter detailed information about your business, including contact details, URL, location, and photos. The customers can leave reviews about your business, and claiming your Google My Business profile can help you address any concerns.

A lot of potential clients are searching for real estate agents and property in their dream location. Are you set up on Google My Business? Let’s say there are 5 Real Estate Agencies in your local area. 3 have no reviews and at a glance ratings. The other 2 have their business details filled in,  one has a 4 star rating and the other has a 5 star rating. Which one would you choose?

With information available instantly controlling and monitoring feedback in crucial to all businesses. Stay in control, don’t damage your reputation better yet show people how great you are from the very first interaction they have with you. Stand out and give them a reason why they should choose you first.


I hope you’ve found my quick tips helpful. It’s now down to you to take action.



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