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No two sales people are the same. So whether you a salesperson or managing sales people the following blog will help you determine what style of sales person you are or what types of sales people you have. By knowing what style you or your team undertake it will put you in good stead for further growth or understand how to grow your team and what types on sales people you want to recruit.

Once you know what style comes naturally to you be sure to delve deeper to understand the techniques and continue to grow and evolve to master your skills.

There is no best sales style. Your personality, background, the clients needs and your products should help you determine how you should approach a client in any given situation.

1. Solution Selling

Solution selling is used when a client has a clear need or problem and you have the product to solve this. By asking right questions to fully understand what the customer is after and wants and challenging them to tell you what would resolve this. You can then match the products for the clients needs. In this case the client will know what they are after and will go away pleased if you can deliver on what he or she wants. Don’t forget to ask more open questions to find the root cause there maybe other products and potential up sells you can offer by asking the right questions and helping solve the future needs of the client also.


2.  Buddy Approach

The buddy approach technique is normally used by sales people that are naturally friendly and warm. People buy people and most importantly people do business with people they like. Connecting with people on an emotional level whilst showing interest can be very effective. Make sure you’re genuine and not ‘faking it’ as people can sense this straight away! These sales people will make their client their friend. They may set the meeting in a bar over a drink rather than over a coffee in the office. They will often start by finding a common interest and talk about that topic and share experiences before opening the client up to talk about how their products can help meet and exceed their needs. Make sure you don’t fall into the trap where you just a friendly conversation remember why the meeting was set up in the first place and ensure you ask the right open questions to fully understand what the client is after


3. Expert Style

The expert style is when you know your products and industry inside out. You are seen in the industry as the go-to expert in your area. Many of your clients will come to you because of you and the company’s reputation. Now you have the reputation many clients won’t question your judgement and will want to find out how to proceed and move forward together rather than objecting to and questioning your proposal . Some clients won’t be swayed by emotional selling. If you are more logical rather than warm and friendly this approach could work for you. Constantly keeping up to date with the latest trends and market updates to build your credibility in your area and people will come to you for expert advice. 


4. Consultative Selling

Consultative selling is more of a technical sales technique. It’s a mix of the buddy, expert and solution selling styles. You angle yourself as more of a consultant and adviser than a typical sales person who just wants to sell something or anything. You build trust with your personality, you build credibility with your expert knowledge and experience in the area then through asking some great open questions you analyse what the client needs and summarise by matching the solution as well as up-selling and offering others to satisfy all their needs and requirements. If you have asked the right questions and opened up the client to speak freely with you, you will see some great results. 


5.  Customer Personalities

Ever heard the saying ‘you have to be a chameleon to do well in sales’ well this is what they are referring to. Customer personality selling is where you change your style depending on the type of client you are selling to. After the first few moments of engaging with the customer you figure out what type of client you are selling to. Through your experience you will put them into different stereotypes and types of customer.  Once you have processed this in your brain you automatically adjust your style to match and suit them. This can come very naturally for some people. For a friendly client who is indecisive you may need more of a softer approach to first build trust whilst with a more to the point client you’ll want to build credibility by being more direct and efficient with your knowledge sharing and solution matching.

These are the standard basic selling styles. You may be a hybrid of a few but take your time to work out which one comes to more naturally. Remember not to force it as this can come across rather pushy or even desperate in front of the customer. Try out different styles as depending on your personality one may give you better results than you originally thought. Once you have your preferred styles continue to develop and refine your skills. The most successful people in sales constantly work on their styles in order to improve and be the best they can be. Remember the majority of people in sales want to make as much commission as possible. By perfecting your style and techniques you can climb up the sales rankings rather fast.


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