The Risk Of Indecision | How To Decide Quicker

‘What if I choose wrong?’

People get very uneasy when presented with making a decision, everyone knows that person that takes 20 minutes to decide on a drink, even though they order the same drink every time. And that is just a drink! I am sure you all know the clients that are right for a home but miss out due to indecision. 

note: If you don’t know that person I am afraid to tell you it is you ; )


People often worry about “wasting” time, money, energy on the wrong thing. BUT… the truth is with rare exceptions. The only bad decision is indecision, followed by inaction. Time is the most valuable commodity any of us have and the only thing we can not generate more of, if you are constantly wasting time with indecision not only do you avoid some failures you also avoid successes.


It doesn’t matter whether you choose right. There is no wrong. No such thing as wasted time, money or energy…IF:
1. You commit to being present and engaged in whatever you’re doing, and
2. You approach everything with curiosity and an open mind.

When presented with a new decision give yourself a reasonable timeframe to analyse the option and other similar options, then, when the deadline hits, make the decision! Pick one, stick to it and give it your all.


The only way the time, money and energy is wasted is if you choose not to learn and improve along the way.


In the end, the only bad decision is indecision, because it leads to inaction and without action, there’s no data. No experience of life. No information to serve as fuel for evolution and progress. No growth. Just stagnation.
Get out of your head and into the world!
The only wrong choice is deciding not to choose.
When you do that, you automatically lose.
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