Best Ways To Get International Real Estate Clients, How Getting International Real Estate Buyers is Different From Local


Why Local and International Real Estate Agencies Are Different and Require Different Marketing Tactics.

First of all what do we mean with local and international real estate?

Obviously the property itself is only ever in one place and ‘local’ to who ever is near it. So we are talking about the buyer, is the buyer local to the property or out of the local area or in a different country ‘International’

There are 2 major factors to consider if your client is international:

1. They are not buying the property itself as the primary reason, especially if they have a property in their home country. They are most likely buying the home to give them access to their primary reason… Reasons such as lifestyle, the beach, family holidays, the weather, investment or food and atmosphere are the primary reason or main motivator to get a slice of the primary reason they purchase a home.

2. Getting in front of them in their home country or home location is extremely important. More and more research is done online, before a visit is even planned. If you wait to try and attract them locally when they arrive chances are it is too late. 

Local Real Estate:

When both buyer and seller are local, the buyer knows the area extremely well, or has even grown up in the area. In this case the property is the main factor, the buyer knows the local area well, they know the schools, shops and local attractions – in this case the property itself is the main reason for buying and the area or lifestyle they already have.

How To Attract International Buyers

For the reasons above attracting buyers who are international requires a completely different strategy than what attracts a local buyer.

Often real estate companies are using traditional local real estate marketing techniques to attract international clients. 

To improve your marketing effectiveness with international buyers first identify the primary motivator for buying and advertise those reasons first.

Reasons To Buy Real Estate Where You Dont Live

  • Second Home – Part time living
  • Holiday/Vacation Home – Home for just holidays/vacation
  • Investment Property – Receive an income as well as property appreciation
  • Combination of all or some of the above

When targeting real estate buyers that are not in your local area, traditional marketing such as billboards and magazines only work if the buyer visits your area, this is why online marketing plays such an important role.


Depending on the reason the buyer may consider your area is why crafting a message that resonates with that particular type of buyer is key, coupled with the benefits and reasons to buy/invest in your area.


If you are looking for international buyers or even buyers that are not in your local area such as out of town or state buyers and would like to learn more click here


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