Month: June 2020

What Is The Cheapest & Most Effective Strategy For Real Estate Agents In A Recession?

Buying or selling a home is a big decision, for most people it may be one of the biggest decisions they ever make. This means a lot of thought and time will go into making that decision. While most businesses are built on relationships and trust, with such a large decision making process the trust and relationships in the real estate industry need to be particularly strong. This is why building trust and a relationship with your prospects should be a number 1 priority.


As agents are fully aware, the sales cycle of a home sale or purchase can range anywhere from months to years. Some people may enquire very early on in the process while others enquire later on. Staying relevant in your prospects’ minds (and hearts) is the most important thing, so when the time is right for them they come to you first. This is easier said than done and can often get overwhelming especially as your database grows. Knowing who to contact and when is an art in itself. Many agents opt for Sending 1 newsletter featuring properties every month can quickly get tiring and with only properties and 12 emails a year it is almost impossible to build any sort of relationship. The result is very little engagement and little to no loyalty between you and your database of prospective clients. 


An effective email newsletter campaign can be one of the most powerful strategies at your disposal especially when the marketing budget is low. This is one of the easiest things to implement and at a very low cost, an effective newsletter campaign will transform your business!


An effective email newsletter strategy must meet the following objectives…


  • Deliver value
  • Build trust 
  • Create desire
  • Educate Your Database
  • Build Brand Loyalty
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Create a bond / relationship with you and/or your brand
  • Showcase Homes


When an email marketing strategy is implemented properly prospects come to you FIRST and not only that, they are happy to talk with you when you call them. Great emails get forwarded and shared on social channels and the result is free marketing. Add to that a proper newsletter strategy means you can contact them far more than just once a month with properties without annoying them while also building a strong relationship automatically and consistently.


Many agents have databases in the thousands and get very little from them. When you implement a strategy that hits all the objectives, the prospects that are ready, quickly turn into clients! Everyone knows engaging with active / hot clients and building relationships in person can be quite easy, but it is extremely hard to do without some sort of automated system which you can know who is hot and who to contact. The fact is only a very small percentage is ready right now, how many of you have experienced calling a client who says they bought with another agency? Often you ask yourself ‘what did I do wrong?’ and often it is because they slipped through the cracks and someone else happened to contact them at the right time or they have formed a relationship with them. When you have a solid foundation of trust and loyalty with your database you can be sure to get everyone who is ready coming to you first and the result is a substantial increase in sales. 

Newsletters That Get Sales 


It is not just sending email blindly but also understanding the data correctly. When you can see who is most engaged and what they are interested in you can tailor content and homes to what the client is looking for. 


Combine all these points and you can know who to follow up with and when. Timing is everything when dealing with home buyers and sellers. Constant unsolicited contact can often result in less trust and can do more damage than good. When a client is hot and engaged a friendly personal follow up can make all the difference between a big sale or nothing. Using simple data measuring tools to see who is clicking on what, as well as engagement and activity make it easy to draw up a shortlist of people to reach out to, this streamlines follow up in the most effective way. 


This is by far the most underused strategy by real estate agents and agencies and the best thing is you already have the database.