26 Shocking Yet Funny Property Photos

When you think of your dream home you may be thinking country house, a house close to the beach or maybe a penthouse in the city. Would the interior be modern and cool or something older with a bit more character? While it’s exciting to think of your dream property the reality of many property listings can be rather disappointing and somewhat outrageous.

I have put together 26 property photos that should make you laugh and show you how to promote your property if you don’t want to sell it.


If you want to watch your washing dry that’s fine by me but maybe you should use that ladder and do something with that wall


Here’s an example of how a storage room should look like. That racking looks extremely safe not to mention the light or the whatever is all over the floor!


Come on at least clear the room of clutter before taking a picture. I’m glad the beautiful curtains are closed you don’t want people looking in or maybe you don’t want people looking out.


That’s a modern TV right there. Why don’t I sit in all the dust and watch the latest Netflix series oh hold on wait can someone help me turn this bad boy on?


Just take the picture no one will notice the rubble next to the entrance or the gaping hole above it! Have a swig of gin or whiskey and forget all about it.


Check out my garden pit guys doesn’t it look nice and green? Maybe someone will want to make this into a pool?


Don’t bother making the bed, the quality on my phone isn’t that great I’m sure no-one will notice!


This is the room where I store my crap, you can do the same, better yet I’ll throw this in free if you buy my property!


How romantic! We can both sit here and do the laundry. I’ll take the dirty chair and have a shower after said no one ever!


What is this room? Why is the water pipe like that? Must be some new design!


I love sitting on my desk and hoping the desk doesn’t break. That’s where I do all my best work.


Damn it, I knew it was a random place to put a curtain but I should have closed it so no one can see the mess behind it!


Who needs a bedroom door when I can put 2 chairs out and pretend I have personal security?


This won’t be on the market for long…. but for what reason?


Just a normal modern otiose bathroom…


Glad I painted the doors purple, my feng shui is on point!


I’m always thinking of ways to be more efficient that’s why I have my washing machine in my bathroom. Undress, put clothes in washing machine, shower, done! See I’ve just saved my self 5 minutes! Does my shower curtains and washing machine cover match?


Who doesn’t like cocks on their kitchen wall? It’s very Nandos’esque right? Everyone loves a cheeky Nando’s!


Not a bad picture but damn that’s bright!


I have a magic car park. The cars stick to the roof!


My underwear can be in this picture, they’re clean. Let me leave a clutter of paperwork on my desk too that way they know a serious worker lives here!


This room has the best view in the house, great to dry clothes and store random crap.


First of all, why that colour? Secondly, that’s the smallest bath I’ve ever seen? Is this where elf’s live?


Don’t know what I’m taking a picture of but better take it anyway!


French doors, check! Just need to fix the glass.


Let’s take a picture of this, leave the step ladder and duster in there. This is going to be a cool picture!


I’m all for people taking their own property photos but please use your common sense! If ever in doubt hire in the professionals.

I hope you enjoyed the funny fails and got a giggle or two out of it. Please share and like.

Why Digital Transformation Is Important For Business Growth

In order for a company to grow and reach it’s future aspirations and goals it must include Digital Transformation.

The speed of change in the the digital transformation world is exponential. A few benefits of the digital transformation include; new ways to engage with clients, more data insights to harness and more innovation in the work force.

By 2022 worldwide spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation is expected to reach almost $2 Trillion with companies allocating 10% of their revenue to fuel their digital strategies. This year 75% of  all digital transformation spend are accounted in hardware and services.

Monitor, Binary, Binary System, Computer

Now more than ever it is imperative that IT strategies are a large part of any company’s business plans in order not only to grow but to compete effectively. The need of IT to support the future of the business is paramount

For any leaders and business owners this can be a challenge, with more business applications, more connected devices and higher expectations today’s’ business leaders must move at such a fast pace similar to that of the front end business. They must focus on projects than can really improve the business for the future.

We are now living in a digital first world. Here are some reasons why digital transformation is essential for any business to grow and stay ahead of the competition.

Employee Efficiency

Business, Computer, Office, Laptop

Employers are always looking for productivity improvements with digital technology playing a huge role in this and helping employees with their primary day to day roles.

Digital transformation provides valuable opportunities for core business functions such as payroll, finance, HR and lead generation moving them away from manual processes and or bringing in the experts and their services thus allowing the leaders of the company to focus on wider business opportunities and the staff to focus on what they do best and enjoy the most.

On Demand

The customer of today expects the same kind of services they receive with technology in their personal lives but for a business this can be challenging. We now have so much choice both in terms of where and how to deliver applications from and who to partner with in the delivery of services.

Businesses increasingly demand more agile and hybrid IT services as well as network capability. Not forgetting about getting the user experience right is a critical part of the process. This goes much further than the usability of apps but includes the experience of the IT Team, their tools as well as bringing in expert partners.

Are you struggling to find regular and consistent real estate clients? Our expert team and Hybrid services can help you!

Book your strategy call here


Censorship, Limitations

Security will always be top priority. One of the biggest challenges business owners face is collating more and more data whilst keeping it secure. This complicated task continues to be challenging. It constantly needs strict enforcement around access, compliance and protecting attacks. If you have the best strategy but have an under performing network this could cause staff to go elsewhere due to faster speeds, flexibility and overall better quality. For example if your agency is getting low quality leads from portals and exhibitions whilst your competitor is getting regular and consistent good leads to nurture and close where would you rather be?

It is essential that a progressive business implement a security strategy to keep their customer and company data secure on all networks and apps regardless what services or service providers are being used. We at Qube Media ensure we are fully compliant and ensure our data security is taken very seriously.

In order to transform digitally you must surround yourself with business and technology partners that understand the business goals and vision and can operate ethically and with transparency to achieve these.


Thank you for reading. I hope you found this helpful

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Why Social Media Is A Must For Your Real Estate Agency

Big brother is always watching! 

It’s true that every click, every view and every sign up is recorded somewhere.

This can come across as very intrusive or super interesting. We here at Qube Media find this fascinating and extremely helpful to bring us and our clients the best results.

We are constantly researching and reviewing data here at Qube Media HQ so I thought I’d save you all the time and share some interesting facts and figures with you. For marketers knowing the statistics behind social media helps with strategy, spend and focused audiences. It also backs up why we are experts in our field.

Smartphone, Screen, Social Media

Let’s start off with some general social media stats.

As of Jan 2019 the worlds population is 7.7 billion and there are 4.2 billion users on the internet!

  • 3.397 billion active social media users
  • The average person has 5.54 social media accounts
  • The average person spends 116 minutes a day on social media
  • 81% of small and medium businesses use social media platforms
  • Facebook and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day

Facebook is the most popular platform with 2.32 billions users followed by

  • You Tube – 1.5 billion users
  • Instagram – 1 billion users
  • LinkedIn – 610 million users
  • Twitter – 326 million users
  • Pinterest – 250 million users

Social Media Business Stats

  • $40 billion was spent on social network advertising in 2016
  • In 2015 social networks earned an estimated $8.3 billion from advertising and growing year on year
  • It is expected that small and medium Real Estate Agencies looking for strong growth in 2019 will spend over 50% of their marketing budget on social media.


Icons, Symbols, Facebook, Button

  • 2.32 billion monthly users
  • 1.52 billion daily users
  • 500,000 new users every day (that’s 6 new profiles every second)
  • 76% of Facebook users check it at least once a day
  • Average user spends 35 mins a day
  • The average number of friends is 155
  • Half of the internet users who do not use Facebook themselves live with someone who does and 24% of those uses their account to look at photos and posts.
  • There are circa 83 million fake accounts on Facebook
  •  Facebook’s main page has  204.7 million likes
  • The most popular non Facebook page is Cristiano Ronaldo’s with 122.6 million likes
  • There are more than 60 million active business pages on Facebook
  • 5 million of the above are active advertising users
  • 53.1% of Facebook users use Facebook to sign into other apps
  • Average time spent per visit 20 mins


Youtube, Icon, Social, Social Media Icon

  • Monthly viewers 149 million
  • 63 million daily viewers
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • 1 billion hours of You Tube is watched every day
  • The average person watches 40 mins a day
  • Over 50% of You Tube content is watched on a mobile phone
  • Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito’ has the most views at 5.97 billion
  • There are 76 languages on You Tube –  covering 95% of the internet population


Instagram, Symbol, Logo, Photo, Camera

  • 800 million monthly active users
  • 500 million daily active users
  • 400 million daily active story users
  • 95 million photos uploaded daily
  • 4.2 billion likes a day
  • Average person spends 15 mins a day
  • 90% of users are under the age of 35
  • The most popular Instagram food is Pizza
  • The most likes picture on Instagram is of an egg


Icons, Symbols, Button, Linkedin

  • 260 million active users
  • 40% of users use it daily
  • Average person spends 17 minutes a month on platform
  • 39% of user pay for a ‘Premium account’
  • The average CEO has 930 LinkedIn Connections
  • 80% of B2B leads comes via LinkedIn


Twitter, Social Media, Icon, Social

  • 326 monthly active users
  • 500 million tweets a day
  • Average user has 707 followers
  • 391 accounts have no followers
  • 80% of users are not American


Pinterest, Icon, Social Media, Icons

  • 250 million active users each month
  • 67% of users are under 40%
  • 81% of users are female
  • 50% of user are from the US

That’s all I’ve got time for today. I hope your enjoyed the fun facts and stats.

Don’t forget to book your free strategy call with Qube Media to see if we can help you generate more clients and leads.


Real Estate Marketing Tips To Help You Succeed

Over centuries people have made a good living from being in Real Estate. It’s not hard to do if you know how to play the game! Here are some great tips to get you ahead and stand out in today’s Real Estate world!

There are many benefits of being in the Real Estate Industry; you can choose who to work with, define your own hours as well as the reward of helping families buy their homes.

If you’ve set up your business correctly it’s possible to make a great living but if you don’t focus on your marketing strategies your business will suffer.

We want to help you become more successful. Here’s some top tips to help you get ahead and succeed.


  1. It Starts By Being Easy To Contact

It doesn’t matter if you have the best marketing ideas and the best properties If no one can figure out how to contact you. Make sure you make it as easy as possible for the client to contact you on their preferred channel.

Always put your company details, phone number, email and website on your marketing material. Remember to make sure this information is easy to find and clear enough to read.


  1. Use Facebook Advertising.

Real Estate Marketing on Social Media is easy but to get the results can be incredibly difficult especially if you don’t have the time to learn, understand and implement in this fast moving market. If you want a regular income of leads for you to nurture and close book in a free strategy call with one of our experts

Remember you became a real estate agent to sell houses so let the experts handle this part whilst you do what you do best and close those deals.

To book a free strategy call click here


  1. Shoot Videos of the Local Area

By the end of 2019 80% of all internet traffic will be video. This should be a big part of your long term real estate marketing strategies as it has so many benefits.

Yes you can add it as content to all your social platforms but it also helps you sell the area and lifestyle to potential buyers.


  1. Is Your Website Fully Responsive?

Another great real estate marketing tip is to ensure your website is fully responsive. With smartphones being used more and more each day for searches a responsive website will ensure your clients see the same look, quality and information.


  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Real estate agents know that email campaigns are a great way to stay in touch with clients.

Add a link to your website so they can subscribe to your newsletter. Keep them up to date with any new properties, property news and investment opportunities.


  1. List your Business on Google.

Real Estate marketing strategies works best when Google knows your business exists.

  1. Reviews

Client testimonials and reviews are a great way to build trust with a new potential client. Backing this up with getting your name out there via your real estate marketing can be very powerful. Having a few testimonials and/or reviews on your site can persuade potential clients that you are the best person for the job.


  1. Host Events

The majority of Real Estate Marketing tips is to get your name out there without having to travel. Having said that, having people in front of you will always be powerful.

Try hosting events once a month whether that’s an open house or a networking event. Invite your clients, their families and other professionals to remind them why they should continue to do business with you.

  1. Community

No top real estate agent will be satisfied with only digital and print marketing. They always go that step further.

Try volunteering. sponsoring a local event or attend networking events. You never know who you’ll meet and the more you know about you community the more of an expert you become in your area.


  1. Use Keywords

In all marketing, using keywords gets people’s attention. With the majority of searches being online using keywords to boost your SEO will help clients find you easier.

Don’t forget you use geographical words so potential clients can find you in your area.

  1. Social Media Links

By adding Social Media links to your website your client can get a better understanding of you and your business. Again this helps build reputation and trust.


  1. Start a Blog

Blogs in Real Estate Marketing is becoming very popular. Write about topics that your clients frequently ask about. Use photos and videos to feature properties. Having a blog also helps you with your SEO strategy.

  1. Stand Out

Build your brand. Create a logo so clients can acknowledge it’s you and your business. Also promote what makes you different to the rest of the competition.


Thank you for reading. I hope you have found this helpful.


To find out if Qube Media can help you generate more leads and clients book your free strategy call here