Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Only Effective Marketing

We only use effective marketing strategise. We are not the type of company that tries many things half heartedly in the hope you get a result, each tactic is done precisely and with good reason.

Cutting Edge

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, staying up to date and ahead of the competition is a main objective of ours.

Results Speak For Themselves

We are a results based company. We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our marketing strategise, not only will you get monthly reports, but you will see the results yourself.

Long Term Thinking

We are long term thinkers. The better service we can provide for your business, the more growth you see. This is not only good for your business but it is good for ours.

Return On Investment

We always aim to get you a 2 to 1 return on investment in the quickest time possible, at the very least. Depending on your industry and services some of our clients see 50- 100x return.

To The Point

We like to keep things to the point. We do not try to fluff things up, overloading you with jargon and technical terms, keeping it simple and effective.

Our main goal is to get you more customers.
Rather than trying to do it all, we pride ourselves
on being specialists in only the most effective areas.


Qube Media is a digital marketing company with a difference, we specialise in marketing systems that get overseas real estate agencies international clients looking for a second home. By being this focused we have managed to acquire knowledge and expertise in this particular sector no other marketing company can match. We have one aim and that is to get real estate agents and companies more clients and more listings, our aim is not to get you as many leads as possible but to get you as many clients that book tours and buy homes.

Our whole company is aimed towards serving real estate agents in the best way we can by empowering agents with their own clients rather than needing to constantly rely on areas that are saturated with competition such as portals and exhibitions.

Qube Media is an experienced team with over a decade of experience in sales and marketing with particular experience in the real estate industry it was clear there was a new problem real estate agents faced, the online marketing problem and trying to manage both a real estate agency while also learning and keeping up to date with all the new marketing channels is nearly impossible, no longer is it possible to put an advert in a magazine or on a portal and get good clients, this issue is only going to get worse in the future, from this frustration Qube Media was born, a marketing company that takes care of all the marketing side so our clients can do what they do best, sell homes.

Who Are We

A Modern Company with an Experienced Team

Although we are a relatively new company, our team of experts have a combined 20+ years of experience. We have made the mistakes so you don’t have to this is why we know what works and what does not work.

We work with agents all over the world the bulk of our clients are in warmer climate areas that attract people looking for a holiday home, and investment home or retiring.

This commitment to our clients means we are constantly training and utilising cutting edge tactics, in an ever changing and increasingly competitive market. We stay up to date so you can focus on what is important – your business.

If You Want To Know If We Can Work Together Schedule A Strategy Session.

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Great company philosophy

Love the way this company works.