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Imagine 3x or 4x Your Sales With An Email Marketing Strategy That’s 99% Automated?

TURN COLD CLIENTS HOT  –  When an effective email strategy is implemented not only that your enquiries will skyrocket but when your prospect is ready they contact you and not a competitor.

AUTOMATE FOLLOW UP  –  Strategically follow up with your database with 4 months of emails. Always know you have been in contact

CREATE DESIRE –  Highlight specific aspects of your area and surroundings to create desire in the hearts and minds of your clients

BUILD TRUST –  Over time through a well executed email marketing plan you can build trust and brand loyalty with your prospects.

EDUCATE CLIENTS –  Provide the information your clients need to make an informed decision, more often than not prospects can have the wrong expectations. Not any more!

SHOWCASE THE RIGHT HOMES – By reading the data within the system you can segment your database over time, this way the client sees the things they are most interested in and the the homes they like most.

Email Newsletter Mastery not only shows you how to get the most out of your database but gives you the EXACT industry proven templates just import into your account and change images and details for your area all the rest has been done for you.

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  • You want a proven strategy that maximises sales from your database.
  • You want to save time and money by importing pre built emails rather than start from scratch.
  • You want more conversions from your already existing audience and email list.
  • You know there are buyers in your database but not sure how to follow up in a way that gets you more sales.
  • You want to know any leads you get are followed up with in the most effective way
  • You want to learn how you to read the data in the emails so you can contact the right people at the right time. 
  • You want to customise emails for your prospects to maximise results by sending the right homes and information to the right people


  • You like to do everything yourself and dont believe in using specialists to get somewhere quicker. 
  • You don’t need more conversions from your database and email list
  • You already have a process to train employees and team mates on email marketing
  • You already know exactly how to market to your prospects by email
  • You have time to teach yourself through trial and error in order to save the small charge for this service.
  • You understand the technical stuff and don’t need “over-the-shoulder” walkthroughs
  • You already have a portfolio or evidence to prove that you understand email marketing.

6 Steps To More Sales From Your Database

What Is Included:

Importable Templates

Step By Step Checklists

Video Training

  • 4 months (22 emails) of custom made real estate HOME BUYER email templates. Automated with general content and design (ready for your local images and homes to be inserted)


  • 1 Year (12 emails) of custom made real estate HOME SELLER email templates. 
  • One click import (active campaign) with over 20 pre built real estate buyer templates & scripts
  • Full video walkthrough and step by step guides for every setting and step needed in order to get going with no experience needed
  • How to read the email data to get the most out of your database
  • How to know who to contact and when 
  • How to segment your database for different types of buyers and sellers
  • How to increase enquiries
  • Easy setup and install
  • Automated emails: every lead enters the start and for 4 months will automatically receive emails strategy planned to increase enquiries guaranteed!


“If you are looking to generate new leads and get more sales – talk to Qube Media to get immediate results” Elena Ivanova – Bennecke

“You need this kind of course to actually be able to do it effectively, it is just not viable to try and do it in other ways” Lars Bruun – Zan Ibiza Real Estate