Reputation & Visibility

Visibility & Reputation


Get you showing up in search results for multiple search terms in your industry and for your services, first looking at the most common and in demand searches helps us target these searches directly giving you a higher volume of traffic to your website.

- When people search for your services, 90% of people pick someone on page 1 of Google or other search engines

- If people google your business and its not up to the expected standard they may go to a competitor

- If you're not visible in organic search results, your business will be missing out on a lot of new customers

Multiple Search Terms

There can be many roads to your website. Finding out the roads with the most traffic and with the most options is key. It is all very well showing up for some terms, however, if no one is searching for them, then its not as useful for you.

- Multiple search terms increases visits to your site for multiple services

- Target High Search Volume terms to drive even more customers to you.

- Targeting multiple terms increases your exposure many times for the same service

Reviews & Reputation

Your online reputation is becoming more and more important. The more businesses that are online, the more people are checking everything is in order, before even contacting the company for its service, if your competitor has 5 star reviews across multiple platforms and you don't, who is a new potential customer more likely to use?

- Customers want and expect to see multiple good reviews for your business

- Everything needs to be in order and line up in a customers eyes before they contact you

- This can be the difference between someone contacting you or not

What Makes A Competitors Site Appear Higher Than Yours?

Search engines such as Google work on a kind of trust/respect basis. They are looking for the best result in relation to the search term a user has typed in. While a lot of people refer to SEO which stands for search engine optimisation, this is a very general term that basically means improving your site for search engines. This is such a vague and general term that a lot of dishonest companies say they will do SEO for you, however that is like saying a builder can build you a property. They do not say what type of property, how long it will take or will it even have a roof etc etc.

The search engines take multiple factors into consideration when deciding whether to display your website highly for a specific search term, thing such as:

-Is the search term featured on your website

-Do other reputable sites recommend your business for these search terms

- Do you have good social proof - reviews and business pages to show you are legitimate

- Do you have any positive news stories published about your business

- Does site function well on a mobile device

These are just a few of the main factors that you need to beat your competitors at to appear higher than them in search results.

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